Who Am I?

by Geeksupport

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There are two things about me that needs to be told today!   One, I like Social Sciences and second I am a born procrastinator.

Starting with Social Sciences, the subject was so dear to me that I remember every lesson taught by my teacher. I remember with joy the five years plans, the Independent India rolled out for development and growth. I also believe, “what ought to be done today can also be done tomorrow!”

Hence, this blog of mine is in its second five year plan after a lot of hemming and hawing like the mice from the book, who moved my Cheese?

I align with Virginia Woolf take on being a writer.  She said, “Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

My writings are mostly eclectic and experiential. I observe and I have found that people cross the road like I did the Math teachers, the minute they espy me! They are afraid that what they say may find its way into my writings.

I started writing around my seventeenth year and my first story was published then. I have published quite a few articles, poems and short stories in various print and online media like: The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Mint, Quint, Reedsy, Funny Pearls and few of my published works also feature in my blog. Do give them a read. I have a few anthologies and my own collection of flash fictions under my belt.

Most of my thoughts and ideas happen when I have a cup of tea in my hand.  I love my tea to such an extent that my family knows that they come second only to my cup of tea!

My cerebrations can be as mundane as an observation on how people jump the queue or can be as Supramundane as what happens after we die?

Starting on my journey to connect with people, do drop a line or suggestion or your thoughts to [email protected]

Would love to connect and know your views and drop in @https://sharingstories.in/all_authors/author-chandrika-krishnan/


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