Who Am I?

by Chandrika R Krishnan

That question never troubled my grandmother, a mother of six

Caught between children and chores;

Her time in between

Was to breathe!


My mother, a mother of three

Found time to garden, embroider, knit, and sew

Caught a movie or a gossip session

But she was never more than a wife and mother.


Who am I?

A teacher, a friend, a wife, a mother, a counselor

Success and failures strike a perfect balance

Have come a long way from my grandmother, for I

Did try and grab the world by its horns.


Who am I, asks my daughter?

You are the princess on the way to the queen

Reach for the stars as you soar

Wife or mother, up to you

You are all and more, as you grow.

This poem was published in Innseai March 2021 issue:



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