The World of Customized Dolls

by Chandrika R Krishnan


Devika Ramarathnam had divested her Marapachi Bommais (dolls) off their tattered clothes hoping to engage in some DIYs restoring them to past glory.  She strongly believes that such dolls made of red sandal wood with its inherent medicinal properties needs to be cherished as they are handed down generations such as hers had been. A year on, the busy partner and Director of a HR boutique consulting firm and a die-hard handloom lover (she manages a venture Ithy-ADee) found that her dolls were getting too used being naked and decided to drop them off at Santosh &  Pooja whose hand stitched dolls were creating waves among those select patrons.

Santosh&Pooja’s Handstitched Dolls soon updated their Facebook status to: Happiness is…… working to restore dolls which have passed through generations!

When Vijay, the dashing young man, planned to gift his pregnant wife something she ‘would cherish’; he reached out to the couple who ‘customized dolls for every occasion.’


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