The World of visual delight

by Chandrika R Krishnan

March 2020, all our lives turned into a nightmare. The lock down started and my husband and I discovered a new found passion for movies.  Prior to this lock down,  we hardly watched movies at home. We did go to cinemas but only after the movie came highly recommended.  With both children away, we didn’t have to slave over the kitchen stove feeding many hungry mouths.

Promising ourselves that we wouldn’t binge watch, we started watching one movie a day.  We discovered the joy of Malayalam movies, Marathi Movies. Gujarati movies, Tamil, Hindi and English and suddenly our ‘To Be Watched’ list keeps us awake at night wondering if our life span is sufficient to watch all of them!

Oozham was the first Malayalam movie we watched. Prithiviraj ( one awesome actor) is talking to his sister on a video call, when he sees his family get killed. Right from the technicality of  the camera being active from Prithivaj’s end the movie was taken very well.  Unable to save the family, he seeks revenge and we were hooked. Then came Seconds, another crime thriller where a murder happens in the elevator.  Kadaram Kondan ( Tamil)  Smile Please ( Marathi)  and Wrong Side Raju  ( Gujarati ) Missing ( Hindi) and Run (English)  the list only went better Once again we started watching highly recommended movies and this page is devoted to why I enjoy the movies I am planning to write about.

Photo by Reno Laithienne on Unsplash


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