Facets of Beauty

by Chandrika R Krishnan

Beauty is evident in…
A rose in the garden,
A lily in the pond,
Snow in the mountain,
Pearls in the ocean,
Colours of the rainbow,
Fruit filled trees,
Beauty is God’s own creation!

Beauty is visible in…
The dimple of a baby,
The smile of a child,
The mind of an adolescent,
The brow of a man,
The curves of a woman,
The eyes of a sage,
Beauty is God’s own creation!

Beauty can be heard in…
The song of a bird,
The cascade of a fall,
The music in the air,
The roar of an ocean,
The gurgle of a baby,
The lilt in the voice,
Beauty is God’s own creation!

Beauty can be perceived in…
The hand that gives,
The heart that sings,
The words that soothe,
The fingers that heal,
The mouth that laughs,
The eyes that twinkle,
Beauty is Man’s own creation!

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash



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