Some learnings, some teachings

by Chandrika R Krishnan

This column is to incorporate some learnings  and some teachings that I had gained and  imparted  during the course of my journey on this planet.  I couldn’t have put it better than to share with you a poem that I had come across titled, A Journey by Dr, M. Coleman Harris:

Life is like a journey
Taken on a train
With a pair of travellers
At each windowpane.
I may sit beside you
All the journey through,
Or I may sit elsewhere
Never knowing you.
But if fate should make me
To sit by your side,
Let’s be pleasant travelers;
It’s so short a ride.

I am a talker. But, I grew up in a loud, extended family where we all talked simultaneously.  So, somewhere along the way, we learnt to listen and listen we did . We listened to the said and the unsaid.  We listened to the good and  not -so-good. We were taught to talk to elders  and be kind to children. We were told to keep people company and to offer help.  We were not allowed to lock our door nor was  given the ‘me-time.’   We heard over the voices, across the voices and along with the voices!  Humour played a very important role in our life.

Along this journey of a little more than half a century, I learnt quite a lot from people who traveled along with me – be it relatives,  friends,  acquaintances,  students,  strangers,  books or movies.

Thus, this journey continues….

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