A Fallen Leaf

by Chandrika R Krishnan

Many consider me to be a mere brick, mortar and lifeless.  I am not………

I stand tall and proud for I too like most humans want to be heard, talked to, spoken about and admired. I have been through sun and shine, through hail and storm, through rain and calm, through night and day. Passersby tut-tut about my decrepit state but I don’t actually feel sorry about myself. I think there is a lot in common between people and me… I am not taken care of as one should their health and general well-being.

It is really funny that people who don’t have me hanker for me and those who are lucky enough to have me bequeathed to them give scant regard to me. The other day, I saw a young couple admiring me and looking at me and commenting sadly at the general dilapidation of the house and the grounds. They sympathized that I was allowed to fend for myself.  I too am like a child; thrive on attention, affection and admiration.

My story  told from the unique perspective of The House is one of the 15 short stories. Brought to you by Penmancy and Half Baked Beans, they are weaved into a collage by  Olinada Braganza’s lovely verses.

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