Everything Changed after That

by Chandrika R Krishnan

I remember the first time you made me go down on you. It was on the eve of Diwali and I was just thirteen.

I was busy gawking at the room – which was big enough to fit my entire home in – and felt you move as fast as the mice do in our house when we unroll the bed and spread it out every night. You held me down as I squirmed, struggled and gagged until you shuddered and went limp like the leftover carrots we get for free from the vegetable vendor who takes his cart around the area. I remember opening a couple of doors till I came to the one that was the washroom and I kept puking till I had nothing more to bring out of my stomach and yet I wanted to heave more. I wanted to pee but I was unsure how to use the throne-like seat, which was like nothing I had ever seen before. I pressed my fingers to my eyes, sobbing all the while, and I tried to wash my mouth to get the taste of you out as much as I could… but each time I only felt like gagging more. I was brought here by my Amma… but where was she? I knew I had to reach her, tell her… We had entered together but I had not seen her leave. Did she call out to me? Why didn’t she come back looking for me?

The Allure of Power wins the short story contest conducted by eShe and collaborating with Embassy Books bring out an anthology of 25 lovely stories that make this book one of the Unputdownables.

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