Vignettes – A Slice of Life

by Chandrika R Krishnan

“Life is happening while you are busy making plans,” said John Lennon.

However, I believe, “Stories are happening as you are living your life!” That’s my theme for this collection. A smile or a chance encounter can make you view life differently. It’s not just a 6- year old having a puppy follow him home. It can be at 60 -year too! What happens if a statue starts talking and says, “enough is enough” to statue politics? What if our memory decides to take a walk? Do we ask a visually challenged person if he really wants to cross the road? What happens when patriarchy meets democracy? Is there an age to offer help or does our hand follow our heart?

These and many more such slices of life make Vignettes my collection of flash fictions what it is.

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