Book of Love

by Chandrika R Krishnan

From the story- Call of the Heart

Feeling like an intruder she opened Volume I and realized that Vaidehi did not write the same every day. As she scanned the same, she realized that the writing was a chronicle of the happening as if she wanted to pen her thoughts to be read after her demise.

I got married today…..

 Lakshmi sat back with little realizing that two hours had gone by and that her eyes were smarting with unshed tears.

She never stopped wondering at the selfishness of human race and once again this aspect was brought to the fore front after alternately Skimming and reading through Vaidehi’s diary. She had had her share of unpleasant experience with some of the remarkably selfish people but each time she heard a story that almost made it sound as if people were honing and developing the skill of egocentricity and self-aggrandizement.

She wondered how much of a trouble could one person face in a life time because of power play and self- centredness of human race?

The above excerpt is from my story- Call of the Heart. It was selected and published in Story Mirror’s Book of Love


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