My world of Printed words

by Chandrika R Krishnan

I really don’t know when my relationship with books started.  My father’s family are voracious readers. My mother’s family reads when there are no chores left to do…which is but rarely!

My evenings after school would go like this….

” Chandrika, fold the clothes and then start your homework,”  my mother would tell me.

” Just this page….” would be my response

After fifteen minutes.. the chore would be done and my mother would say, ” Water the plants…and start your studies..”

” Just five more minutes..” I would respond and so on and so forth. My poor, gentle mother, who was an epitome of patience in most matters hated keeping the chores waiting. My sisters and I knew that!

My New year resolution all through my school and college days was that I wouldn’t touch a story book till my exams were done. …well, a new, unread book! I gave myself permission to read a book for the second, third time but not something new that could make me forget the world of examinations.

I grew up amidst Enid Blytons,  Charles Dickens, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys to the world of Mills & Boons and Irving Wallaces and Sydney Sheldons. I liked Arthur Hailey and Jeffrey Archer. I ran through the whole lot of Earl Stanley Gardner Perry Mason Series and wanted to be a secretary to a lawyer who was like Perry Mason!  I loved Wodehouse and shared a bond with Ken Follet.  When I walked down the Golden Gate Bridge a few years back, the fog reminded me of Alistair Maclean’s book. I remember losing myself to the “Gone with the Wind’ and forgot all about my bus till the driver called me out.   When I visit Venice, I remember Robert Ludlum.  In Washington, Baldacci is not too far behind.

I was a snob and didn’t much appreciate Indian authors but started amending that lacuna.

The books used to be hidden between my science books or under the desk during the classes. I learnt to nod frequently with an interested look at the lecturer and that is one of the reasons, I caught many of my students red-handed if they nodded too enthusiastically without their eyes getting glazed over during my classes!

Well, I know a true reader like I know myself.  Yet, I am  finding it difficult to sustain my reading considering that there is so much to read these days.   My ‘To be read’  list is only growing and I spend some sleepless nights wondering how I can keep pace with them.

I am what I would call a lazy reviewer so I am going to spare you my reviews. But I am going to write what interests me in any particular book and why they grab my attention as they do.

I hope  to sustain this page. So, Welcome to my world of printed words.




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