Happily Ever and Never Afters By Vidya Sanath- A book Review

by Chandrika R Krishnan
Vidya Sanath’s debut novel, Happily Ever and Never Afters, was a breezy read.  Her sixteen stories struck a chord in my heart for they are my kind of writing- a slice of life and you relate to the characters and the plot.
The book begins with,  Echoes of the wind Chime and I must say it does so with a bang. I was hooked by this thriller and the little nuances that you see with the eyes of Vihaan Patel, the newbie in the police department. I quite liked this unlikely hero who was royally taken for a ride despite his best intentions.
Little wonder, I dived into the book without much further ado for  I wanted to know what the author had planned for her readers next.
All the sixteen stories had different themes and I found the story, Living a Lie, very interesting.  The mother-daughter duo’s relationship is fraught with secrets and you can’t help feeling sorry for both of them for their idea of wants vs needs are so totally different.  Who are we as readers to judge except to spend some time with them ?
Then, he let go was a heart -wrenching tale of living in guilt and regret.  Glad he manged to redeem himself in his own eyes.
The vendetta   was so unique and the end was extremely gratifying and left with a feeling of warmth.
The Acceptance was very emotional. Yes, marriage makes one lose themselves and it is up to many of us to find peace in whichever way suits us best.
The dancer  had a very unique and intriguing concept.
The Jar of happiness and The Second Suitcase were such a feel-good stories.
In the story, The Justification,  I am not one for silence  and hence the protagonist silence to all the barbs directed at her was a little too off-putting for me. Though I loved the way she began the story comparing her sliding silk dupatta to her confidence.
The concept of freezing eggs though unique in Delicate Tassels lacked the emotive feel. It was just all exposition.
In the story, Rebirth I was not able to completely agree with the moving-on concept in there. I leave it to the reader to judge rather than revealing the plot.
My moral compass made me not like the protagonist in the story Befitting reply. Her revenge too was a little too pat, unless she is planning to change her profession completely.
I believe that there should be a sequel to the story, tere sang ek simple si coffee.  Am not sure she would really fit in that place. This story needs to go beyond just the wedding. Marriage is a different ball game:)
I felt the stories, Sorry I touched her and Shrimati silks a little too easy and theatrical.
I would have preferred Devi going for solo trip leaving Ramesh to potter around in the story,  A flutter in the empty nest:) 
On the whole, this book is a must read and I am so glad that I found it.


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