Baking a Cake with a toddler

by Chandrika R Krishnan


Tiptoe out of the room of your sleeping toddler holding your breath

Take a deep breath before you asphyxiate

Pray to whichever powers it might be

Clear the kitchen island off toys, leftover baby food and scores other things that you kept piling up in your bid of ‘keeping things out of reach’

Take out flour, butter, measuring cup, sugar

Measure flour, butter and sugar

Go fetch your toddler before he bawls the house down

Place him on his high chair and give him his favourite snack

Spend some time searching for the sieve and whisk indulging in baby talk

Remove a couple of crackers that fly and land in the butter, turn his chair around before any more land on the flour

Wash hands

Sieve the flour and wonder what you have forgotten

Scroll through the recipe

Hand the toy back to your toddler as soon as you hear the indignant screech

Realize that you have forgotten baking soda

Add the baking soda, sing a ditty to your child who is hell bent on toppling the chair

Spend some time wondering if you had sieved the flour after adding the soda

What the hell! Sieve again

Start whisking butter and sugar …answer the call

Bark at your husband who wants to know if all is well

Start telling a story to distract your toddler who threatens to start his hollering

You rush to switch on the oven as you had forgotten to preheat the oven

Fold your flour in…

Realize that there is a crackling smell from the oven, switch off to investigate

Remove a burnt Lego piece and call the service Centre to repair the now damaged oven

Call mom running behind a happy toddler and ask if the cake batter can be salvaged and used in another recipe or has to be thrown into the bin?

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash


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