Lament of a Mother

by Chandrika R Krishnan


People said that you were a bully,
But that I did not believe.

They said that you made girls cry,
I said that you wouldn’t dare.

Teachers pointed out your faults,
I felt that they were at fault.

They said you didn’t try hard enough,
But I felt you were given more than enough.

Friends said that you were selfish,
I felt that they were peevish.

Grandpa said that you were rude,
But I felt he was an old fool.

People told me to correct you,
But I felt you were too good to be true.

You failed in all your exams,
I felt you were not given a chance.

Alas! Now that you are in prison,
I feel I am the cause for the tension.

I rue the day I was blind,
To all the faults we could find.

People say Love is Blind,

But I amend Mother’s Love Is Blind.

Photo by  Roy Lichtenstein (I’m Sorry) on Artsy


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