Will you ever learn, Woman?

by Chandrika R Krishnan

Hey, you goose!

You have done it again, haven’t you? Landed with your foot in the mouth! Woman, you have honed this talent to the extent that you take a flying leap and end up with your feet firmly in their mouth. Why do you persist in doing it?
Poor man! He did not know what hit him when you went. “Sir, I am so and so…”

He sputtered, and finally said, “Yes, ma’am. We were introduced and I remember you distinctly!”

Atta girl! Now, you have no way of extricating yourself from that without doing any damage to his vocal cords. So deep were your feet in his mouth!  Why can’t you remember meeting people? When you can remember birthdays! Or some obscure word or phrase that you have come across in books. You do have an eidetic memory on approximately which page you had seen it prior and here you don’t remember meeting a person? Unbelievable.

I am thoroughly embarrassed for you.  I have to be protective towards someone who commits verbal suicide each time she opens her mouth.

Do you know your problem? You have this phobia for silence. You don’t believe in pleasant silence, comfortable silence, or silence of any sort. You want to fill the void with as many pearls of conversations as possible. Girl, learn to bite your tongue. Better to have a swollen tongue than a broken jaw! Or worse, no friends.

Exasperatingly yours,
cingulate cortex


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Punam Basu March 27, 2022 - 10:18 pm

This is brilliant 💕


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